A la carte bacon

A La Carte Menu


Rustic Artisan Baguette, English butter (V) 4.50
Green Padron Peppers, sauteed in olive oil and smoked sea salt (VG) 7.00
Garlic and Mozzarella Flatbread, wild garlic pesto (V) 11.50

Smoked Duck and Pork Terrine, tomatilo salsa, toasted brioche 9.50
Isle of Shetland Mussels, white wine, garlic, cream (as a main with fries) 10/20
Coriander and Lime Humous, dukkah, flatbread from the beach oven (V/VG) 9.00 
Twice Baked Cheese Soufflé with scorched grapes, apple, walnut salad (V) 10.00
6/12 Escargots, hot garlic butter, warm artisan baguette (as a main with fries) 9/18

5/10 Grilled King Prawns, garlic cheese flatbread from the Beech oven 10/20 

Pizza from our wood oven

Chinese shredded duck pizza, tomato base, hoisin sauce, spring onions 19.50
Greek pizza, feta cheese, olives, red onions, spinach (V) 18.50
Marghertia pizza, buffalo mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes (V) 18.00
Charcuterie pizza, pepperoni, serrano, chorizo 19.50
The No.5 Pizza, goats cheese, red onion marmalade, spinach, sundried tomatoes (V) 18.50


Creedy Carver Duck Breast, sauteed courgette, orange, chilli, rosemary butter sauce 27.00
Pan Fried Wild Salmon, girolles, spinach, sundried tomatoes, lemon caper beurre noisette 27.50
Southern Fried Chicken, crunchy Asian slaw and garlic dip  (as a main with fries) 10/20
Summer Risotto, courgette, spinach, parmesan, crispy egg (V/VG) 19.50
Gentleman's lunch - slices of cold rare roast sirloin of beef, 
fries, mixed salad, celeriac remoulade 21.00
West Country Haddock in beer batter with tartare sauce, mushy peas, proper chips 19.50
The Bell Burger, bacon, cheddar cheese, gem lettuce, vine tomato,
red onion, gherkin, fries 18.50
Classic Caesar Salad, sundried tomatoes, seeded croutons, anchovies, parmesan 16.00
Add - king prawn skewer / southern fried chicken 6.00 halloumi 4.00

'The Gallows' - 20oz of Prime Fillet of Beef flambéed with brandy on a hot iron gallows at your table, basmati rice, seasonal vegetables, fries, peppercorn, English mustard,
garlic and herb sauce (minimum 2 persons) 35.00pp

50 day Himalayan dry ages Cotes de Boeuf for two people to share,
roasted bone marrow, cherry vine tomatoes, 
side salad, proper chips
with your choice of peppercorn / garlic butter 40.00pp
45 day dry aged Rib Eye, cherry vine tomatoes, flat mushroom, proper chips 38.00
8oz Steak Frites served with salad, fries 26.00
Peppercorn / Garlic butter 2.50


Roasted bone marrow 5.00
Proper chips 5.00
Fries 5.00
Dauphinoise potato 6.00
Sweet potato fries 6.00
Summer greens with chilli and almonds 6.00
New potatoes 5.00
Mixed salad 5.00
French fine green beans 5.00